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Jon and I took a trip to visit some friends of ours in Kansas City. We were excited to see them, but when we got to their place we realized it wasn’t in town. It was way out in the boonies. What were we going to do all the way out here? The answer was fuck. Fuck, suck, and then fuck some more! This one particular night, Jon really had it in for me. He was dying to give it to me hard and fast. We started off with me kneeling on the floor in front of him, sucking his cock all hard in my mouth. I spit on and stroked his dick, getting it rock hard and ready for my pussy. Bending me over the back of our friends couch, Jon eased his stiff rod into me. Oh yeah. I can never get enough cock! Grabbing at my ass cheek for leverage, he pulled me deep against his big dick. Before I knew it he had one leg up on the couch and was pounding away and grabbing at my hair. Loud spankings rang out and a light sting came over my ass. Fuck yeah! But I needed to ride this long cock too. Jon sat back on the couch for me and I bent over him, reverse cowgirl style. I love it when he grabs my ass like this while I fuck him silly. Oh but we weren’t done yet. I still needed Jon’s thick cum! He stood up with one leg on the couch, me in front of him crouched down to get at his dick. As soon as I got my mouth on it he was grabbing at me, pulling my head over his cock. Mmm I loved it. Faster and faster he had me stroking and sucking that huge prick. His hips thrusting forward as he fucked my face, I could tell Jon was ready to cum. I opened my mouth wide and looked him right in the face. Just then a stream of cum shot out over my cheek. There was even some in my hair! I guess we need to get to the boonies more often.

I’ve got a fetish for the pin up girl look. But you know those girls were thinking really naughty thoughts while they tried to look all cutesy coy in those old 50's cheesecake pictures. One night I was imagining what they might have been thinking. With their sexy heels, satin gloves, and stockings. I bet they were thinking about a nice thick cock, don’t you think? I know I would have been. Acting on my fantasy, I pulled my thick red jelly dildo out. Getting it all sticky wet in my mouth, I quickly moved it down to my exposed pussy. Those girls had to be dying for cock, with all that teasing they did for the camera...and I wasn’t any different. I spread my legs wide and eased the toy inside. Swinging my leg over I pushed the toy deeper, now from a different angle. My legs were almost touching was I pounded into my pussy with the toy. “Ohhh goddd you’re going to make me cum!” I moaned. This was fast! “Yeahhhh!” I squealed as my little cunt twitched in orgasm.

You know how much I love to lick my girlfriend Allie’s sweet little pussy, right? Well, now I have Kelli hooked on Allie too! We all met at Allie's, and we were so horny! Cute doesn't last very long before it becomes naughty with the three of us. First all our tops came off for a tasty boob buffet! We couldn't help licking and sucking each other's soft tits. But that wasn’t enough, we needed to be totally naked with each other. And I had a little surprise: I had brought along my favorite pink strap on! It’s a big, thick one. Kelli has wanted to use it for a long time now, so Allie and I helped her get into it. Laying on the bed, Kelli watched while Allie and I both licked and sucked her new pink dick. Nasty girls! What Kelli really wanted was to see her cock between Allie’s big boobs. Allie laid back and spread her legs for me to suck her clit while Kelli titty-fucked her. Allie’s pussy was just as sweet as I remembered! My pussy was aching for a cock, so we all switched and Kelli pushed her plastic cock into my hole slow and deep at first. Nice long strokes. I was moaning and sucking Allie's clit at the same time. Kelli didn't keep things slow and easy for long. She was looking right at Allie when she grabbed my ass and hips and started going faster and harder, sliding her big dick in and out of my juicy pussy. You could hear how wet I was on that dildo as it slid in and out. I could feel the ridges of it passing through me and it was so good! Kelli was pounding away on my tight hole by now, she has gotten so good with that strap on! We were all moaning and squealing. It was too much, too hot, I was going to cum and Kelli knew it. She pushed into me harder and my pussy came in big waves! It was an amazing climax that shook my entire body. We finished off our cum crazed afternoon with a three girl kiss. So soft and hot. I can’t wait to do it again!

I started out in the mood to do a slow sexy striptease. Put on some mellow music and dressed up in my favorite white mesh outfit with heels. Starting out slowly untying the see through top, I was gently grinding my pelvis to the music. Soon I was working my way out of the matching pants and thong panties. This striptease was supposed to be nice and slow, but suddenly my sex drive took over. Slow wasn’t going to cut it! Reaching up to a toy I had hidden away for a special occasion I sat on the couch and sucked the white vibrator. I wanted it to be slick and wet for my pussy. When it was glistening with moisture, I laid back on the sofa and spread my legs. It had been a long time since I felt this toy on my clit, and I was looking forward to its sweet buzz again. Slowly I worked it over my aching box. Mmm I needed it inside me so I worked it down between my lips. They were practically quivering with anticipation. Working my clit with two fingers, I pushed the vibrator deep into my sweet cunt. The constant thrusting and vibrating against my tightening pussy walls felt so good! But something was missing. I needed doggie style! Turning over onto my hands and knees I could get a better angle at pumping the toy in and out, over and over. My pussy was throbbing. It needed to cum so bad. Faster, faster, I fucked myself. Yelling, crying out, “Unnhhh, Ohhh, Yeahhh” I grunted out loudly and came hard!! Sweet relief.

There I was, minding my own business and taking my morning shower. I did all the usual things: lathered up my arms and back, moved down to clean my stomach, my legs, and then my pussy and breasts with the sudsy bath cloth. The hot water was so refreshing. And the shower walls quickly steamed up from the heat. The shower was feeling so good I barely noticed when a peeping tom came up to the glass shower door. And he was stroking his cock! Mmm how sexy. Following his lead and staring at his full hard dick, I started to finger my pussy. Rubbing the clit and lips. What an incredible sensation, the water streaming down my ass and legs and my fingers all around my swollen little clit. My shower peeper was still outside, stroking his dick furiously. I crouched down to show him exactly what I would look like if I were sucking that cock of his. It was such a turn on for me I found myself close to cumming myself. I rubbed and rubbed my clit. And he stroked his stiff rod so hard I couldn’t believe it. I could see he was going to blow.

It’s no secret that I have thing for stockings and high heels. Especially unique designs or funky shoes. When I came across these Cuban style thigh highs with the black stripe up the back, they really turned me on! I knew they would look fantastic with my sky high black platform heels! What was even better was the little bustier with attached garters I had found. What a combination this would be! All done up in my new outfit, I made myself comfortable on the bed. I wanted to enjoy this. Slowly unsnapping the garters attached to my stockings, I pointed my toes and saw the muscles in my legs. Now it was time to kick off these 7-inch heels so I could admire the full Cuban toe to the stockings. How sexy, my foot encased in these sheer beauties! I began to roll the stocking down my leg, pausing mid-calf. I loved the sensation of the air hitting my leg as the stocking pulled off. Pulling it harder and down over my ankle to my foot, I went extra slow over my foot and toe, stretching the stocking out long off my toes. Fun and hot, my favorite combination. After all this sexual build up, my pussy was dying for some finger action. Pulling my legs up and pointing my toes, I started working over my clit with my index and middle finger. Mmm yeah I needed a release! I threw my head back and worked my clit around and around. This was definitely going to get me to cum hard and fast.

Ok, it is my turn to fuck Kelli with a strap on damnit! That girl is always getting me with her big attachable dicks. I want to give her the fucking she deserves. And somehow I knew she wasn’t going to argue with me. We didn’t waste any time. I strapped on a flesh colored dong and watched as she sucked it, all the while imagining it was my dick she was stroking with her mouth. So hot! Kelli has quite the imagination for unusual sex positions, and this time wasn’t any different. She angled herself in what I would call a “modified reverse cowgirl” (if you want a technical name haha) with her long leg sprawled across my body as she lowered her ass and pussy over my rubber cock. This was the perfect position for me to thrust up and forward over and over into her wet slit. The only thing that would be better would be me slamming it into her from behind. So we switched around into doggie, with Kelli bent over the windowsill. I went up on my tip toes to get the cock in as deep as possible. Spanking her ass, I gave her a good hard fucking for as long as she could take it before she came, hard, all over my plastic cock. Yess!

So, are you going to come play with me today? I’m all topless for you, with only my tight, short little skirt on. How about if I tempt you by playing with my tits? Showing you how to lick my nipples with your tongue as I sucked my own boobs. Even blow on them a little. What if I spread my legs and show you how I’m not wearing panties under my skirt? Opening my pussy and rubbing my clit. Would you want to play with me then? Or how about if I got a toy, a long blue g spot vibrator with a big thick head? I would turn it up high and slip it inside my slippery little box, showing you exactly how I want you to fuck me. Would that entice you? Get you up close to see how wet you get my slit and tell you how I want you to put your cock in me. Pin my legs back and get that toy deep, hitting my g spot and making me squeal with pleasure. What if I turned over and told you I wanted you to fuck me doggie style? Do you like that? I’d put my ass in your face and pound my cunt with that big headed cock toy. “Oh my...oh my god!” I would gasp, fucking myself harder for you. Straining to catch my breath I would cum allll over that long dick, moaning with delight in my orgasm. So what do you say, are you going to come play with me today??

What’s better than two hot blondes kissing on the sofa, you ask? Two blondes kissing your cock, of course! When Jon and I met up with Joy she was straight forward: the girl was horny and she needed to get fucked. Gotta love that in a woman. We didn’t waste any time. Naked in the living room, Joy and I pulled on Jon’s underwear. I was dying to see this hottie suck my man’s dick. She pulled his cock into her mouth and ran her pierced tongue over it. She was slow and sensual, glancing up at him seductively while I gently licked Jon’s balls. You could see Jon was dying to get inside her hot pussy. I leaned back on the couch and Joy bent forward to lick my pussy. Her tongue is amazing! Jon came up behind her and slipped his hard dick into her box. He was grabbing her ass and hips and pulling her deep over his cock. He pounded her man-hungry hole while she squealed, her mouth covered in my pussy. She came so hard over his throbbing dick. Now I wanted my turn. I moved down to lay flat on the couch and Joy kneeled over my face while Jon pushed his cock deep inside my pussy. My all time favorite, a sweet pussy on my tongue and a cock buried in my slit! I was in heaven. The only thing that could make it better would be a sticky load of cum splattered on my face. Joy and I sat up and worked Jon’s cock over with our hands and mouths. The sight of two cock crazed blondes fighting for his man juice must have been too much. Jon’s dick let loose and drops of cum spilled into my mouth. Joy turned and kissed me to get a taste and we swapped his sticky load over each others’ tongues. The perfect end to a perfect afternoon!

I love this room, everything in it is red. Reminds me of heat and passion. So what would be better than dressing up in my favorite red and black lingerie and getting off in it? Nothing I could think of! I was ready to get naked right away. My red lace top and matching panties were on the floor in no time. And there I was, laying in bed in only my black thigh highs and heels. This is the way to play, believe me. Stretching my legs from one direction to the other, I was able to get my fingers on every angle of my sensitive little clit. Ohhh it felt amazing to circle around it with my fingertips, alternating between teasing lightly and pushing down harder. It was intense and mind blowing. But my gooey slit now needed to be filled. Still massaging my swollen clit I moved my other hand to my dripping hole. Two fingers slipped inside, deep and fast. Thrusting quickly, I knew this would send me over the edge. My heart was racing, my body needed to feel the release of an orgasm. Faster, harder I pumped my fingers in and out of my tight cunt while my other hand danced over my clit. “Ohhh, uhhhh, ooooo” was all I could moan. No words would come out. And all at once a deeper groan came out and my pussy contracted in climax. My fingers inside could feel it twitch and a rush of cum drip down. Red just might be my new favorite color!

Kelli and I were all dressed up, ready to meet friends of ours out at the club. But as soon as I saw how hot she looked in her black dress and sexy heels, I knew I had to have a taste of her pussy before we left! We started off slow, kissing gently and teasing each other a bit. I wanted to take in how beautiful she was all made up for the evening. But we’re always nasty girls at heart, and our tits were in one another’s mouths in minutes. Imagine how happy I was to find out I wasn’t the only one without panties under my dress! It was perfect for spreading Kelli’s flexible legs and getting my face into her sweet pussy. Yum! I probed her clit with my tongue all stiff. Up and down. It sent her into passionate moans while she grabbed at her tits and nipples. She squirmed, bucked, and came so fast it surprised even me! We had brought along a double dildo, and here on the couch seemed like the perfect place to use it. We each sucked on an end, getting the pink jelly toy all wet with our mouths. I reclined into missionary and eased my end inside my waiting pussy. Kelli took her end in doggie style. I loved watching her sweet hole take the toy from behind. We were both fucking the cock now, taking it deep and bumping against each other. The harder one of us fucked her end, the harder it rammed into the other girl’s pussy. We were both dying to cum. In a screaming crescendo we both orgasmed at once, our juices running together on the pink double dong. We may have missed the party at the club, but the one going on in our room was well worth the sacrifice!

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